Volkswagen Golf Tdi

5k0920861a Vw Golf VI Meter (5k) 1.6 Tdi 77 Kw 105 Ch (02.2009-11.2012)

5k0920861a Vw Golf VI Meter (5k) 1.6 Tdi 77 Kw 105 Ch (02.2009-11.2012)
5k0920861a Vw Golf VI Meter (5k) 1.6 Tdi 77 Kw 105 Ch (02.2009-11.2012)
5k0920861a Vw Golf VI Meter (5k) 1.6 Tdi 77 Kw 105 Ch (02.2009-11.2012)
5k0920861a Vw Golf VI Meter (5k) 1.6 Tdi 77 Kw 105 Ch (02.2009-11.2012)

5k0920861a Vw Golf VI Meter (5k) 1.6 Tdi 77 Kw 105 Ch (02.2009-11.2012)    5k0920861a Vw Golf VI Meter (5k) 1.6 Tdi 77 Kw 105 Ch (02.2009-11.2012)

5k0920861a vw golf vi meter (5k) 1.6 tdi 77 kw 105 hp (02.2009-11.2012). This product sheet has been automatically translated.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. Vw golf counter vi (5k) 1.6 tdi 77 kw 105 ch (02.2009-11.2012). Year of construction / ez. 0603 amd, 0603 amb, 0603 amk, 0603 alt, 0603 alt, 0603 alz, 0603 alu, 0603 alu, 0603 amd, 0603 amb, 0603 aqj, 0603 atg, 0603 any, 0603 amk, 0603 azj, 0603 apk, 0603 apk, 0603 aps, 0603 aqg, 0603 alz, 0603 apl, 0603 ben, 0603 arm, 0603 arq, 0603 alt, 0603 azo, 0603 anz, 0603 azn, 0603 alu, 0603 azp, 0603 bea, 0603 atg azi, 0603 azk, 0603 azm, 0603 azl. Direction: left drive / lhd.

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Our shop reviews store contact number oe: 5k0920861a number of doors 0 mileage 10/01/2010 white lb9a type of gear engine code cay cayc mle number kba sky: grey wheels: 16 inches wheels: aluminum wheels: summer headlights: halogen airbags about us about us our service left our shop reviews store contact print zwollerstr. Germany see below, below, prepayment pay pal bulletin. The item "5k0920861a counter vw golf vi (5k) 1.6 tdi 77 kw 105 ch (02.2009-11.2012)" is on sale since Tuesday, July 21, 2020. It is in the category "auto, motorcycle - parts, accessories\auto\ spare parts\ instruments, meters\speed counters".

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  1. reference number oe: 5k0920861a
  2. Manufacturer part number: 5k0920861a
  3. manufacturer: vw
  4. Mark: - no mark/generic -

5k0920861a Vw Golf VI Meter (5k) 1.6 Tdi 77 Kw 105 Ch (02.2009-11.2012)    5k0920861a Vw Golf VI Meter (5k) 1.6 Tdi 77 Kw 105 Ch (02.2009-11.2012)